Zane Stavra

Flower Artist / Cake Designer

It is more than 10 years since I am making flowers for cake decorations and more than 16 years since I entered into pastry and chocolate world. Previously working in finance I dreamed about a job that could bring more creativity and colours into my life. 16 years ago I made the first artisan chocolate company in Riga, Latvia soon after discovered the beauty of the pastry world. I was mesmerised by beautiful art made by my first teacher Ron Ben Israel and was dreaming to learn to make sugar flowers from him. And lucky me I got a chance to do it. I learned from him my first sugar Rose, Sweet Peas, and Orchids. I was more than happy, I was in sweet sugar flower heaven. Returning back from workshops I was practicing my skills for many years. And sugar flowers was all that I wanted to do, it was my meditation. I could make lilac and hydrangea flowers for countless hours. Some several years ago my life changed, I got married in Greece and soon I moved to live and work in Greece. With this tutorial I want you to encourage to learn this beautiful art. I made this tutorial separate from single flowers. From my experience, as better you learn basics as better you will achieve beautiful results for your flower projects. I included many examples of how to shape wafer paper, how to moisturise it, how to colour it. With learning all these techniques you will be able to make your unique beautiful flowers. Hope you will enjoy it all way through!

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