How To Create a Wafer Paper Rose That Looks Real

I’ve written you a new tutorial on how to make a Tea Rose from wafer paper. In this lesson, we’ll create the “April in Paris” Rose. Because I’ve detailed each of the tiny processes and details, this tutorial is suitable for all levels of skill.

What you will learn in this tutorial

You can choose or create an entire project, including a blooming open rose, a rosebud, calyxes, and greenery. Or just start with a blooming rose to practice your skills. You will learn how to make a wafer Rose in light pink pastel color.

Did you know that I most often use only rose heads for my cake decorations? Very rarely do I decorate the cake with a rose, for which calyxes and green leaves are made. I like cascades of rose blossoms in a variety of sizes that run down one side of the cake. They may either be ombre color transitions or the same hue. Dusty pink or gold rose, or blush rose are two of the most requested colors for wedding cake decor. To be honest, these hues of color are virtually identical, but they’re all extremely popular. You may achieve this lovely hue by sprucing up your colors with luster dust. Also, the leaves of wafer paper roses are usually intertwined in irregular branches, often coloring them in golden shades. 

How to decorate the cake with wafer paper Roses

Recently, I created this wonderful cascade of rose flowers for a wedding cake in Paris. I was so extremely happy with this flower order from the bride that the days I spent making these wafer paper roses passed unnoticed! This was the cake decor of my dream wedding cake. Most roses for this cake were shaped as described in this tutorial. And I can add that if this number of flowers were made of gum paste then it would be a big challenge for the wedding cake. Because the weight of the flowers would damage the surface of the cake. Wafer paper flowers, on the other hand, are so light, and the voluminous wafer paper rose flower decor was so light that it was easy to secure it directly on the edges of the cake, without damaging the cake. But as I always say – you can be creative and use both wafer paper Rose and gum paste details, by making leaves, berries, or filler flowers using gum paste.

The most popular cake decorations are roses. They’re user-friendly and iconic, so they appeal to everyone. You may apply this handmade wafer flower to any type of cake for any occasion because it is classic and timeless. Mousse cakes, layered cakes, and icing cakes with any kind of icing – chocolate ganache, gum paste, Wafer flowers can usually touch the surface of a cake. The most important rule when icing a cake is that it must be stable. I suggest placing the wafer flower beneath some chocolate plaque or putting it so that it doesn’t reach the surface of the mousse cake. You may read more about how to correctly position wafer paper flowers in my article.

Tools needed to complete this project

To create this project you will need the following tools: wafer paper of about 6 sheets ( I suggest using Saracino wafer paper of 0.27 mm thickness), scissors, a ruler, a moisturizer of your choice ( vodka, water, or special moisturizing liquid), paper-covered floral wires, floral tapes, powder colors or petal dust, gel colors, some brushes, and some foam balls.

Even if you’re a novice in wafer paper and cake decorating arts, you can omit colors and learn simply by utilizing plain, uncolored wafer paper. Regardless, your rose will be gorgeous! If you want to color your wafer paper to create a deeper hue for your wafer Rose, see the comprehensive directions in my basic lesson. I’ll go through everything step by step so that you can produce the same effects as those seen in the image!

How much time you will need to complete this project

Don’t be frightened if you spend some time making this project in the beginning; I promise that after you practice your abilities daily, you’ll be able to produce stunning wafer paper flowers. For me, creating flowers from wafer paper or gum paste is the quickest and simplest cake decorating technique available.

Why you should learn to make wafer paper flowers

As I’ve discussed in previous posts on edible flower cakes, I like to use only handcrafted flowers made from edible materials. On my cakes, I don’t want to utilize commercially grown Roses that are sprayed with pesticides. This is why wafer paper flowers and gum paste flowers should solely be used for your cakes!

Another advantage of your art is that you may charge more for cakes adorned with handmade wafer paper flowers and gum paste flowers.

I’d be delighted if you shared the things you create as a result of this tutorial, using the hashtag #sugargardens

Be unique, inspired, and delighted!

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