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Zane Stavra

Passionate cake designer focusing on floral cake design

Zane Stavra is a talented and passionate cake designer who specializes in creating exquisite floral cake designs. With a keen eye for detail and a love for all things botanical, Zane brings a unique touch to the world of confectionery. Each of Zane’s creations is a delightful masterpiece, beautifully adorned with intricate sugar flowers and botanical elements that elevate the art of cake design to new heights. Zane’s dedication to the craft is evident in every cake, as they pour their heart and soul into each creation, ensuring that every client receives a truly remarkable and unforgettable centerpiece for their special occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or any other celebration, Zane Stavra’s floral cake designs are guaranteed to impress and leave a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of indulging in their edible works of art.



Younger cake designer focusing 

on conceptual design

Elizabeth is a talented and innovative cake designer who brings a fresh perspective to the world of confectionery. Despite being a younger designer, Elizabeth’s passion for conceptual design shines through in every cake she creates. She pushes the boundaries of traditional cake decorating by incorporating unique and imaginative elements into her designs. Elizabeth’s creations are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking, as she uses cake as a medium for storytelling and self-expression. Each cake tells a story, evokes emotions, and sparks conversations. Elizabeth’s attention to detail and commitment to creating one-of-a-kind designs make her cakes true works of art. With her visionary approach, Elizabeth is setting trends and redefining the possibilities of cake design, making her a rising star in the industry. For those seeking a cake that not only tastes amazing but also captivates the imagination, Elizabeth’s conceptual designs are the perfect choice.


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