Sugar and Wafer paper - workshop

Dizzy with the beauty of sugar and waffle paper flowers

Last month, Riga hosted four creative and productive days for sugar and waffle paper flower
We learned to make sugar lilac, roses, hydrangea and waffle paper peonies, English roses, Iceland poppies and Asian ranunculus.
Flower photo shoot
As we wanted to transfer as much knowledge as possible, the program was intense,
effectively working more than 8 hours each day for creating and colouring beautiful flowers.
Visitors to the course included beginners, professional cake makers, and Renaissance, people who like to use their free time, with creativity, learning and improving their skills that can become an exciting hobby.
An extraordinary joy of the results for each participant for the skills that learned so far was distant and unrealizable. Especially it is the delight in their eyes when the flower has created.
Now the farthest in the hands of the participants. Just with continuous repetitions will the knowledge gained be creational beautiful.
One must learn to perceive and understand the shape of the flower to be created, to understand the techniques of applying colours. Thus the limits for your beautiful creations are endless.

Thanks to all participants, we look forward to seeing your beautiful flower creations photos.
Stay creative,
stay beautiful,
stay unique as you are



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