Blackberry gum paste mould

Enhance the natural look of your cakes and pastries with our Gum Paste Veiner. Made from real blackberries, this high-quality tool is perfect for adding realistic details to your creations. With six unique cavities and various berry sizes, our Gum Paste Veiner is versatile and easy to use. Check out our recipe for gum paste…



Looking to add a realistic and natural touch to your cakes and pastries? Look no further than our Gum Paste Veiner. This high-quality veiner is made from real blackberries and is perfect for creating lifelike details on your cakes and pastries. Our Gum Paste Veiner is versatile and can be used to add background detail to flower-covered cakes or as a decorative element on birthday cakes.

Each Gum Paste Veiner mould features six unique cavities with varying shapes and sizes of berries. The berries range in size from 2cm in length to 1.8cm in width. Our Gum Paste Veiner is easy to use, and for best results, we recommend watching our tutorial video on how to use it.

Make your cakes and pastries stand out with our Gum Paste Veiner. Check out our recipe for gum paste and learn how to make your own Gum Paste to use with this versatile tool. Don’t forget to explore our wide range of Gum Paste Flowers, including Gum Paste Roses, and use our Gum Paste Mold to create beautiful designs.


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