Dark Chocolate Praline Pyramid ( 24 pcs )


Dark Chocolate pralines made from Sugar Gardens 58 % dark chocolate. Ideal treat for your guests. Use it as a small treat for your friends one any kind of occasion. All of our pralines fits nicely in any kind of chocolate box, so you can make your own gift present. 

DARK 58%   Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, vanilla beans. Dry cocoa solid : 58% mini 

Packaging : 

Pralines are packed in plastic transparent box witch contains 24 pieces of pralines. 

Storage : 

Solid: 15-20°C, rel. humidity <60% different options

in odour free atmosphere , 24 months.

Allergen advice:

The product contains soya lecithin and may contain traces of milk ingredients.

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